Aunt Emily

Emily Bowyer Hammel was my father's older sister. She was the dearest person I've ever known. Over several adolescent summers, she patiently taught me how to sew and how to cook. I loved her. Sadly, she has been gone these few years and I miss her very much. However, I am carrying on her legacy of sewing and trying to carry on her legacy of caring.

Tuesday, November 27

Tips for Sewing The Apron

Use a quilting ruler and rotary cutter to cut out straps or ties. I have a three inch wide ruler that is 24 inches long. It isn't hard to slide it up to cut out 30 inch ties.

For button hole and button areas on single fabric thickness items such as an apron, make a small reinforcement, add it on the corners, then bind around it. This photo shows the two layer reinforcement - it could be interfaced for additional structure - cut to match the back curve of the apron piece. I cut four, sewed two together at the bottom to have a neat edge, then applied it to the back of the area where a button and button hole would go.

Applying binding can be a pain. It is hard to make sure you pick up the small bottom ridge while sewing from the front. After sewing the binding on the front, I turned it and used the joining foot for my machine (it has a center metal ridge). I ran the ridge along the seam created by the binding, which caught the under ridge just perfectly - see the left side binding in the photo. I used white thread so you could see it clearly.

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