Aunt Emily

Emily Bowyer Hammel was my father's older sister. She was the dearest person I've ever known. Over several adolescent summers, she patiently taught me how to sew and how to cook. I loved her. Sadly, she has been gone these few years and I miss her very much. However, I am carrying on her legacy of sewing and trying to carry on her legacy of caring.

Monday, July 13

Crocheted Handbags from the 1940's

The photos show several of the crocheted purses in the instruction booklet I picked up in my travels. They are designed to be made of jute, but I am wondering about regular yarn. Also each has what might be a lucite bobble added to it.

Not sure when this is from as there are no dates, but I'd have to say later 1940's from the photos. What do you think??

I'm torn between the fan purse in the right hand photo, and the fan purse in the middle photo as my favorite. Be sure to click on each to see the larger image and the details.

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