Aunt Emily

Emily Bowyer Hammel was my father's older sister. She was the dearest person I've ever known. Over several adolescent summers, she patiently taught me how to sew and how to cook. I loved her. Sadly, she has been gone these few years and I miss her very much. However, I am carrying on her legacy of sewing and trying to carry on her legacy of caring.

Thursday, February 21

Easy Interior Pockets for Bags - Bohemian L2 Bag

This is an easy way to make a pocket for the interior of your purse. First, cut a piece of the main fabric about 8 to 10 inches wide and however long you want the pocket to be. Then, cut a contrasting strip at least two inches wide and sew one at the top and one at the bottom of the main fabric, and repeat with the second main fabric. You will have an oblong with a contrasting edging.
Determine how deep you want each pocket. Cut a piece of stiff interfacing and insert into the oblong (non fusible is best). Now fold the bottom toward the top of the oblong to create an offset of two pockets (as shown above). Turn under the pocket's ends. Put your lining fabric on top of the stiffer interfacing, then place your pocket onto the lining sandwich. Pin liberally, especially at sides to keep edges tucked.
This photo shows the two lining pieces in place with the pockets pinned in place. Sew around the pockets (use a zig zag or a stretch zig zag - measure how wide a pocket you need, and create the pockets by sewing up the body of the pocket piece, then back down to the bottom to continue the bottom edge. The blue fabric piece across the pockets is for the key leash, so you don't need to include it for the pockets.

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